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Hey friends! Welcome. 🙂

I’m a southern-born, mid-western-raised, Carolina girl. I was born in North Carolina, and I got to spend 10 years of my childhood living in Indiana. I’ve been walking with the Lord since I was 7 years old, and it was about that same time that He placed an intense passion for missions in my heart. I was homeschooled from 3rd-8th grade. Softball and volleyball were my sports of choice. I played basketball for one year in high school–side note, just because you’re tall doesn’t mean you should play basketball! 😉 Basketball definitely isn’t my strong-suit.

Anywho, I was on a path headed towards making nursing my life-long career, when the Lord reminded me of the passion of missions. In 2014, the Lord changed where I was headed in life. I found out about the World Race and immediately knew that I was supposed to go…SO, I went in January 2015! That was just the beginning. The Lord used that season to really draw me out of my comfort zone to walk into a deeper relationship with Him, and He took me to deeper levels than I knew were even possible. 

Once I got home from the Race, I made a fairly quick transition to Center for Global Action in January 2016. This is where it gets crazy really quickly. When I got home from the Race, I had pretty much sworn off leaving the country anytime soon. I was ‘done’. The Lord had other plans. While I was in Georgia doing CGA, I met some amazing individuals who had a really similar heart for missions–who just so happened to form a team to go overseas long-term. The Lord made it very clear that I was supposed to join this team, so I did. 

So, here I am today! 🙂